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About Us

MODUS-N, a research and production company, was established in 1996 to promote and distribute products under the VIZIT trademark throughout Russia and the CIS countries.

Today MODUS-N is a managing company of the VIZIT Group, and specialises in the arrangement of commerce in Russia, and neighboring and distant foreign countries, work co-ordination of the manufacturing enterprises, and determination of marketing policy and trends for the VIZIT® evolution.

VIZIT Trademark

36 years at the market

The first ever series of multi-apartment doorphones under the VIZIT® was produced back in 1984 at one of the Soviet Union’s military enterprises, as an additional production line for civil applications.

Today VIZIT is a registered trademark in Russia, CIS, and a number of European and Asian countries. The marking “VIZIT- Safe Home” is placed upon many devices which compose various configurations of doorphone / videodoorphone-based access control systems to suit any application.


The VIZIT Group consists of a number of companies, which specialise in the design and development, manufacture, sale and service of products under the VIZIT®.

Due to cutting-edge technologies, high growth rate, wide range of products and creative solutions, the VIZIT Group is now a prominent leader that makes Your home a safe and comfortable place.

  • Safety and comfort

    Products of VIZIT are carefully thought through at the earliest stages of design and development, to ensure perfect performance within wide range of temperatures (- 40 ºС to + 45 ºС), involving vandal-proof solutions for doorphone /video doorphone stations, and access control panels.

  • Reliability of identification

    in the VIZIT access control systems is offered by integration of PROXIMITY and iButton® technologies with contact and contactless identification tags, and use of high sensitivity cameras with Day/Night feature and InfraRed lighting of objects within the field of view.

  • High-standard quality and safety

    Products of VIZIT are annually acknowledged by CE certificates(EU), RST (Russia) and UkrSEPRO (Ukraine) certificates.

The VIZIT Group sells products under the VIZIT® through the four trade companies:

  • MODUS-N — in Russia and the CIS countries;
  • VIZIT-CENTER — in Russia;
  • TDK — in Ukraine;
  • VIZIT.EU — in the European Union and distant foreign countries

Internet sites of these trading companies offer comprehensive technical and commercial information on each VIZIT product, installation guides and operating manuals on VIZIT access control systems, contact details of trade partners and service representatives of the VIZIT Group.

Домофоны и видеодомофоны VIZIT. Системы контроля доступа. Металлические двери. ООО НПФ «МОДУС-Н» Украина, Киев «Торговая Домофонная Компания» ООО Чехия, Прага VIZIT.EU, s.r.o.